Textile heating systems, flexible heating elements, sensors, preforms, multiply structures

and gain structures are our element!


Heating elements for seats, steering wheels and interiors


Infrared heaters

Infrared heating
High quality heating elements for living



Heatable clothes
Smart textiles for leisure time and wellness


Special products

Custom-made products
Precisely for your individual needs


We love what we do

Our philosophy: in times of increasing sameness of products, your professional communication towards target groups is playing a significant role. This applies especially to those industrial and trading products that are difficult to explain. Whoever finds the way to the decision makers, will benefit directly through competitive advantages. And this is exactly what we will provide you: we do not only know the way, but we are also specialists for textile heating elements, smart textiles, dry fibre preforms and technical embroidery.

Digel Sticktech is one of the most innovative companies in the area of flexible textile heating elements.

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