Creativity through experience: We are consulting and implementation experts, perform reliable analyses, and we are innovative. Above all, our associate partners are specialists in what they do: In the acquisition and bidding phase, we want to convince you with our competence. We will develop solutions with you, according to your needs. By manufacturing sample patterns and cooperative tests to monitor the suitability, we will show you what it meant by “acquisition through competence”.

Textile heating elements

Our textile heating elements can operate with a voltage from 1 volt to 400 volts. As a result, one has a possible heat generation up to 450°C.
Contrary to tissues or knitted fabrics, our heating elements are designed in a way that they generate heat, where it is needed.

Fibre placement

There are plenty procedures for the enhancement of textile structures with fibre composites. These textile structures can be sewed, knitted, woven or braided. There is also a very new procedure which we perform, the “layering“ of fibre composites.

Technical embroidery

We manufacture ornamental seams and decorative stitches according to your ideas on all materials that are sewable, e.g. leather, rubber, nets, synthetic materials, and even real wood veneer.

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