Environmental policy at Digel Sticktech

We are committed to operational environmental protection and ensure through technical and organizational measures, that we can be a company that conserves resources and protects the environment as much as possible. In doing so, we take into account all negative effects of our company on the environment.

In the company, we distinguish between precautionary and post-cautionary operational environmental protection. As a precaution, we already consider the effects on the environment when designing buildings, products, processes and projects. In the aftercare area, we strive to optimize processes and products through continuous improvement within our management system. and thus minimize negative environmental impacts. Compliance with statutory ordinances and regulations is a binding obligation for our company. binding obligation for our company.

As a manufacturing company, we are committed to nature and society. We protect our environment with state-of-the-art equipment. Every employee contributes to the production high quality products with environmentally friendly processes. This includes the responsible use of resources (water, electricity, energy sources). For this purpose, we operate our own PV system, with which we cover 40% of the required energy ourselves.

Photovoltaic system on company building in Pfullingen

Photovoltaic system on company building in Pfullingen

Since 2020, we have been sourcing the remaining 60% of energy requirements from 100% renewable energies. By using these renewable energies, we save 77 tons of CO² and thus sustainably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We ensure waste avoidance mainly through the use of renewable raw materials. We also minimize the use of disposable packaging/packaging materials such as foil and plastic packaging. Reuse, recycling and the most environmentally disposal are very important to us. With regard to hazardous substances that we use in production in small quantities, we adhere to as far as possible, we adhere to the principle of further reducing the use of hazardous substances. In doing so, we always strive to find alternative, less hazardous and environmentally harmful substances/mixtures and to use them in production.

Our primary goal in corporate environmental protection is to preserve the natural environment in which people live - the environment - and to protect their health. This is closely linked to the protection of water, soil, air, nature and climate and the minimization of environmental pollution. Reducing the use of finite resources such as water or energy sources is a concrete goal of our efforts in corporate environmental protection. It is here that we as a company and the entire workforce can contribute to living and practicing corporate environmental protection on a daily basis.